About Us,
Our company was established in one of the forecoming ancient cities of mesopotamia in Mardin  on 29/06/2010 and began functioning to produce of  one of our indispensable taste macaroni on our dinner tables. Produced in the fertile soil of Mesopotamia from the mighty wheat (100% hard durum wheat ) untouched and without the use of any additives  excellent quality  pasta is produced at our modern facilities
As Ilhan pasta family, we produce macaroni and we bring many countries together with this unique flavor over the world in our modern facilities by using top-quality raw materials and with our expert staff in every production stage without touching and without any additives. In order to offer healthy and high-quality products to our customers and provide the satisfaction of our staff, suppliers and the partners, our goal is to expand our company and to work with the highest effort to produce the best, the most appreciated products with the best quality.  
With it’s 200 tons of daily production capacity, the pasta that we produce in our modern facilities reach numerous tables in the Far Eastern, American, Australian, African, Asian European countries with its unique taste.
Certificates :
- ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System Certification
- ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification
Our Vision:
To bring the pasta onto the tables all around the world in perfect quality from Mesopotamia’s Mighty Wheat (% 100 hard durum wheat) without any additives that we produce in our production facilities in Mardin.
Our Mission:
We believe it is the right of every human being in the world to provide with the pasta that we produce additive-free and in perfect quality. As the Ilhan Pasta Family, we would like to provide our customers with the products in perfect quality in any place and time as well as to expand together with our customers, suppliers, employees and partners.  
Our Values
Our Employees: We get the power from our employees. We aim to offer them the opportunity to enhance their skills and happiness.
Our Products: They are the result of our employees’ efforts. The more our products are appreciated and preferred, the more value we gain. 
Our Revenue: It signifies how well our products live up to the expectations of our customers.  


Our firm was established in Mardin Organized Industrial Zone on 29/06/2010 to engage in pasta production. Our firm completed the necessary facility investments and production lines on 28/04/2013and virtually began pasta production at this date. In our facilities, which is established on 15.000 m2 open including 10,000 m2   closed area - 25.000 m2 in total, we produce pasta from Mesopotamia’s mighty wheat (% 100 hard durum wheat) without any additives and by using top-quality semolina.
Our manufacturing facilities consist of the most modern production lines whether in production of semolina or pasta in every production stage without touching conrolled by the fully computerized automation system to make pasta and semolina. Taking the quality concept holistically to use in production, 100% hard durum wheat goes through required quality control tests by our food engineers in our most advanced technically-equipped laboratory.  100 % hard durum wheat which passes the quality control tests is transferred to semolina production line and semolina, the main element of pasta, in perfect quality is obtained. Semolina obtained in perfect quality is transmitted to the pasta production lines and “BELLILA” and “MIRHAN”, the inevitable taste of our tables is produced additive free and in perfect quality. At every stage of production, our experts strictly obey universal food health and safety legislation.  
Quality is inseparable. It should be checked and monitored continually at every stage of production. Moving from this perspective, our production, which is carried out along with continuous quality check in our production facilities, whole-heartedly enables us to present these products to our customers. 


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